Inspiring the next Generation of Techpreneurs

This is the future of technology and entrepreneurship in Cameroon.


The TiC Foundation is an organization that bolsters youth innovation and entrepreneurship in Cameroon.
We’re driven by a deep desire to build a more prosperous African society, which is why we support startups that leverage technology and innovation to build sustainable entrepreneurial ventures.

Our Core Programs

The TiC Summit:

A tech innovation challenge for young innovators in Secondary schools across Cameroon.

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The TiC Startup Accelerator Program (SAP)

An initiative that seeks to accelerate the growth of early-stage tech startups in Cameroon.

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The TiC Bootcamp:

A training camp that equips young Cameroonians with vital skills necessary to build a career in tech.

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Startup Accelerator Program

Pioneered by the TiC Foundation and funded by the US embassy in Yaoundé, the TiC Startup Accelerator Program(TiC SAP) is a 4-months intensive training and mentorship program for early-stage Cameroonian entrepreneurs in tech.
Entrepreneurs gain knowledge, guidance, and support, from experienced entrepreneurs who’ve been there and done it. Get help with developing your product, furnishing your business model, and connecting to talent, partners, and investors.
Through hands-on training experiences, a learning management platform, and live mentorship sessions, we help you accelerate your Startup’s growth multiple folds.
Join a community of impact-driven entrepreneurs from around the country.

A word from our CEO

With The right knowledge, at the right time, with some critical thinking and wise choice of action, we can build efficient and profitable solutions and bring our country out of poverty and unemployment towards its emergence.

Bill Agha

Bill Agha

The TiC Foundation in 3 years

Cameroonian secondary school students inspired and empowered to pursue a career in tech and entrepreneurship

projects nurtured and accelerated through our accelerator programs and tech innovation summits

teenagers trained and equipped with vital technical skills for the digital economy through our various bootcamps, hackathons and tech/innovation challenges

in price award.

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Lessons on Technology

and Entrepreneurship

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