Inspiring the next generation of Cameroonian entrepreneurs in tech.

TiC is an enterprise support organization, that inspires and empowers startup founders to build viable, thriving, and scalable businesses.
We’re all about…
# Supporting young Cameroonian founders to leverage technology to provide innovative solutions to the problems
# Empowering the next generation of techpreneurs on the continent, beginning with Cameroon.
Founded in 2020, we’re actively contributing to the future of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship in Africa – through networking, training, mentorship, and accelerator programs.

Why Tech?

We’ve seen the massive impact that technology has had and continues to have on our African communities. Connecting people, relaying young Africans to opportunities, and improving the lives of every single person.
“Information and communication technology (ICT) has been identified as a key driver of jobs and economic growth and a pathway for Cameroon to recover from the effects of the pandemic and transform the economy.” – GSMA.
Technology is the future of Africa. We continue to leverage this technology to build a prosperous Africa, by supporting, training, and empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs, starting with Cameroon.

What We Do

TiC summit

We scout, nurture and empower young Cameroonian talent in secondary schools.

TiC Bootcamp

We equip young Cameroonians with the skills necessary to build a career in tech.

TiC accelerator

We help early-stage Cameroonian entrepreneurs build and scale their startups by exposing them to the expertise and training of experienced entrepreneurs.

Our Core Values


Accelerate the growth of 30 Cameroonian Startups in 2023.
Reach and empower 1000 students at this year’s TiC summit.
Train 100 students on essential tech skills at this year’s TiC Bootcamp.


Build a conducive ecosystem for Cameroonian youth innovation.


Inspiring and empowering the next generation of Cameroonian entrepreneurs in tech.

Our Team

Bill Agha


Henry Shuyika

Financial Manager

Brondon Willis

Lead developer

Kanla Honorine

PR, Event Manager

Anseh Norbert

Event Manager.

Joel Boujique

Marketing, Communications.

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